For many, owning a home is the epitome of the American dream.  The job of every real estate agent is to help buyers make that dream come  true. So if you are apprehensive about make the shift to being a homeowner, here are some things to do before buying a home:



2. Save for a down payment.  Down payments vary for different loans so be sure your loan officer explains your best options.  Save what you can, live below your means or put away any tax refunds.  Before you know it, you’ve got your down payment!

Monitor your credit

3. If your credit is bad, fix it!  Nothing fixes credit like making payments on time for extended periods of time.  Buckle down, tighten up and pay those bills!


4. When the time is right, ask your professional real estate agent to send you links to homes in your price point.  Then narrow it down to your Top 5 and check them out in person.  If those 5 don’t thrill you, check out the next 5.  Typically you can find a home of your dreams without driving a million miles around town!

5. Call ME! 


1.Find out how much house you can afford.  Check with a local lender on what you could qualify for.  And, find a lender who can not only pre-qualify you, but even better, find a lender who can get you fully approved in 24 hours!  Lenders will evaluate our finances including your credit history.  Real estate agents don’t care what your credit score is, but a lender does!  Find out yours and find out how much house you can buy.